quinta-feira, 23 de janeiro de 2014

Here's to Alice

    This is about what Alice taught me.
    Alice taught me that it doesn't matter what you intent to do, you must always go for what you love to do. It doesn't matter what career you expected yesterday, or what others expect from you. You can stop doing anything and go for what you really love.
    Alice taught me that sometimes you need to visit your home place. Not for people, not for obligation. Just for visiting. And shoot photos.
    Alice taught me that there's a day in life when you grow up. No matter what it looked like in your head before, once you grow, you must change. Change people, change your hair, change your place, change your boyfriend. And you can even miss the ungrown life, but can't go back.
    Alice taught me that you can make real money doing what you love, cause you gonna do it good. And people gonna like it, and pay for it, and see the bright in your eyes and be sure they can count on you for doing it.
    Alice taught me how good is eating. Just eat. Food is beautiful. Food is magic. Food is a lifestyle.
    Alice taught me that once you love a place, you become part of it. You have not your face anymore. You've got NY's face. Or L.A's face. Or China's face. Or Rio's face.
    Alice taught me... Coffee.
    Alice taught me how good can be being organized.
    Alice taught me how cool could be running a blog.
    Alice doesn't even know me and could probably be scared if she did now.
    All Alice ever said to me was "Thank you very much".
    And how funny can it be, when I'm who actually have so much to thank for?